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2015-2016 Election Cycle

In the 2015-2016 election cycle, the Turkish American PACs have shattered all previous contribution records! Thanks to your generous contributions to the five Turkish American political action committees (PACs), we were able to continue our mission of encouraging a stronger relationship between the United States and Turkey as two countries who share common goals. The graphs below demonstrate the increase in support to the Turkish American PACs between the 2008-2016 election cycles.

Ready set go to begin the 2017-2018 Election Cycle.

Amount of contributions given to candidates and political parties/committees by
the five Turkish American PACs (2007-2017)
(*As of May 26, 2017)


Turkish American Political Activism

Turkish American political activism was transformed in 2007 with the establishment of Turkish American political action committees under the Ten Thousand Turks Campaign.

Five Turkish American political action committees now work across the United States to promote an ever-stronger friendship between the United States and Turkey, forged on the basis of shared democratic principles and strategic interests.

The five PACs are: Turkish Coalition USA PAC (TC-USA PAC), TC-Northeast PAC, TC-California PAC, TC-Midwest PAC, and TURKISH PAC/Texas.

The PACs are funded entirely by American citizens and permanent residents (green card holders). They support Democratic, Republican, and Independent candidates who all believe in the strategic importance and shared values at the core of the strong relationship between the U.S. and Turkey, and support a balanced dialogue on issues that directly impact Turkish Americans.


Did You Know?


The five Turkish American PACs under the Ten Thousand Turks Campaign are independent, non-partisan,
and not affiliated with any political party, candidate, religious movement, or charity.