Shattering Records!

In the 2015-2016 election cycle, the Turkish American PACs are on track to shatter all previous contribution records! Thank you for supporting the five Turkish American political action committees (PACs) and making this possible.

Did You Know?

2013-2014 Election Cycle Results

In the 2013-2014 election cycle, your generous donations helped the PACs contribute a record $375,190, allowing the PACs to support over 100 candidates and political parties/committees! 75% of the candidates supported by the five Turkish American PACs were elected. In races for the US House of Representatives, the PACs achieved a 93% winning percentage.

The only Turkish American running for public office in 2014, Judge Jay Karahan, easily won reelection for a fourth term as presiding judge in the Harris County Criminal Court No 8. (Houston, Texas). Judge Karahan is the highest elected Turkish American official in the country.

The graphs below show the significant growth of the Ten Thousand Turks Campaign from the 2007-2008 cycle to the 2013-2014 cycle—all thanks to your generous support

Amout of contributions given to candidates and
political parties/committees by
the five Turkish American PACs (2007-2014)


The five Turkish American PACs under the Ten Thousand Turks Campaign are independent, non-partisan,
and not affiliated with any political party, candidate, religious movement, or charity.